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New Customer Introduction

Active Vision

Active Vision - We develop high-value remote business management video and surveillance solutions that help both large and small businesses improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues and enhance and improve the quality of life of business owners, employees and customers.

Who's watching over your business when you're not there?
Let Active Vision be your eyes and ears!

How Our System Saves You Money
  • Theft of goods and services by employees
  • Reduce loss and shrinkage through theft
  • Ensure employee productivity
  • Reduces lateness and early departures
  • Reduction in liability and compensation rates
  • 100% business expense / 100% depreciable

How Our System Makes You Money
  • Employees work as hard as when you're there
  • Monitor customer service levels
  • Helps identify inefficiencies
  • Repeat customers when business is well managed
  • Showcase your facilities to prospective customers

How Our System Protects You
  • Reduces liability and ensures safety compliance
  • Phoney workman's compensation claims
  • Ensures drugs are not being used, sold or bought
  • Protects valuable assets
We specialize in delivering Real
time remote video business
management, property monitoring
and surveillance solutions in
applications such as:

Night Clubs
Convenience stores
Gas stations
Car dealers
Car washes
Construction sites
Factory & Warehouse monitoring
Industrial production
Dry Cleaners
Live event cast over the Internet
Office buildings
Parking lots
Shopping Centers
Unmanned facility monitoring
Our remote video viewing solutions are designed to operate over the internet and broadband networks.

 new customer

Who's watching over your business when you're not there?

You are, 
  with Active Vision!
  • When you're away from your business are sales, employee theft and productivity a problem ? "When the cat's away do the mice all play"?
  • Are you forced to always be at your business to protect your investment?
  • Has your quality of life, family and health suffered due to the long stressful hours of your business? 
  • Do you run to the business in the middle of the night when the security alarm goes off?
  • Do you have trouble being everywhere at once with multiple businesses or locations?

Take the first step towards personal freedom and improve your business efficiency.

  • We offer affordable remote management and surveillance packages with color video and audio for no money down and payments as low as $69 per month. 
  • Our remote video business management and surveillance systems enable you to view and listen into your business or home from anywhere in the world over standard phone lines or the internet.
  • By adding remote management and surveillance capabilities, your business productivity and efficiency will increase, employee theft and shoplifting will decrease.
  • Just dial up your business from home, while on a business trip or vacation and be in control of your business and life again!

"We offer affordable peace of mind"

 We are convinced that your return in higher productivity, reduction in theft and well deserved personal freedom will be many times the system cost of a few dollars a day.


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